Helping Disengaged Young People (NEETS) 1

Helping Disengaged Young People (NEETs)

At the age of 19, young people are considered adult learners and have considerably less access to free education. At 19 education also becomes a choice. For many young people who are considered NEET (not in education, training or employment), there are several issues that can affect their progression into employment or training.

At 2engage, we aren’t the biggest fans of the term NEET, research has showed that such labelling of people has negative connotations. We know from our own experiences that people considered NEET are not lacking in aspirations when compared to the other young people. For us It’s about developing and delivering engaging sessions that focus of every individual and their own barriers to education, training or employment.

Our work with people who are considered NEET aim to:

  • Raise awareness of their options in further/higher education and the skills sector.
  • Build confidence levels and self-esteem.
  • Cover work readiness and what employers look for in the job market.
  • Encourage positive attitudes and thinking towards their next steps.
  • Discuss failure, what it is, how we comprehend what failure is.
  • Explore barriers to learning and training.
  • Improve work readiness and employability skills.