Our Story

2engage was founded in 2004 by a small group of graduates who shared a passion for using theatre as a tool to discuss relevant issues. With every opportunity came new challenges, but steadily through word of mouth and a strong determination, relationships were formed and exciting projects were created and successfully delivered.

We facilitate and deliver educational theatre presentations and arts projects that raise awareness, challenge perceptions and start conversations.

Through partnerships, real stories and research, we create an environment where our audiences gain understanding and can make more informed decisions. Our work focuses on issues such as CSE, CCE, appropriate relationships, better futures and e-safety.

Our Vision


Raise Awareness

Theatre is a powerful medium that can raise awareness and educate. Our work shares the stories of real people through engaging and emotive presentations


Challenge Perceptions

Using theatre to portray real issues, we can challenge the mindsets of our audiences and help young people better understand the world in which they exist.


Start Conversations

We aim to take our audiences beyond the point of awareness into the domain of action and positive change. We want conversations to take place where silence has prevailed.

Our Team


Mia Bartlett

Project Officer

Philip Goss


Ed Morris


Our Associates


Caroline Swailes

Steering Group
Liz Stanton

Liz Stanton MBE

Steering Group

Hayley Lamb


Louise Harris

Jane Loudon

Jane Loudon

Non-Exec Director

Our Policies

Below are links to our key policies.

If there are any policies which you don’t see here and would like to ask about, please contact the school office as this is not a comprehensive list; we have provided those which are either statutory or which we think you might find useful or informative.

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