Engaging Consultation Sessions 1

Engaging Community Consultation Sessions

We should all be listening to young people, taking them seriously and making sure they’re not overlooked when making decisions that will impact on their lives. Children and young people’s participation is vital in order to improve and develop services to suit their needs. 2engage facilitate engaging consultation sessions that capture the voices of young people around a range of themes and issues in a creative and fun way. Using a variety of techniques in a supportive and safe environment, we can engage every individual, gather their opinions and understand their attitudes.

We do not make assumptions about the opinions or needs of young people. We believe that every individual is an essential part of the consultation process and our sessions provide the opportunity for young people to have their say. Our sessions are based on our expertise in facilitating drama-based workshops, they are inclusive, jargon-free, non-patronising and empower young people to contribute to their community.

Why Consult with Young People?
The answer is obvious, however, it is discouraging that often, young people are overlooked in decision-making. Imagine that a town near you receives a 10-million-pound investment for improving infrastructure; now consider how many young people will have an input in how that money might be spent. The truth is, young people have much to offer in terms of knowledge and understanding about the communities they live in. they can offer insightful suggestions with energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Given the opportunity, young people enjoy being involved in improving their own communities, it aids their own personal development, as well as their emotional well-being.

Flexible Consultation.
When we consult, flexibility is key.  It allows our team to move around, making our consultations inclusive and including a wide cross-section of young people. Meeting people in familiar surroundings so they are comfortable and relaxed is always advantageous. 2engage facilitators have been to council buildings, community centres, churches, youth clubs and schools to run open and participative sessions for young people.

A Meaningful Level of Engagement.
Although we use a range of methods to engage with young people, our sessions follow a similar format that has proven to be effective. We set some ground rules, break the ice and build rapport. Our team are trained and will confidently deal with any emotional, safeguarding or protection issues that may arise.  We can also help plan consultations with decision-makers, offering our expertise and considering everything from media consent to accessibility.

Sharing Outcomes.
Documenting and supplying evidence of the consultation is just as important as the consultation itself. We evidence our sessions with various forms of documentation; some more creative than others. We want to show that people feel involved and included in the planning and development of a project. After the delivery of consultation, clients are presented with a report of the findings and we always feedback to the young people we consulted with. For an example of our reports and more information, please contact us.