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Years 4, 5 & 6


45 - 60 minutes

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Overview: The Snap Trap Teacher-led Session

Help pupils use social media, smart technology and potentially dangerous apps more responsibly. You can now bring the award-winning Snap Trap E-Safety session to your school to raise awareness and get the relevant conversations started.

‘The Snap Trap’ is an award-winning interactive theatre presentation aimed at 8-11-year-olds and created in partnership with the police and young people. It helps children recognise the risks associated with online social media activity. The 40-minute film tells real stories of children whose digital lives turned their actual lives upside down.

Sam and Amy are 10, and like their friends use smart technology everyday. Watch as they fall into dangerous situations online. Sam is being coerced into taking risks that are only going to end one way. Amy thinks she is meeting up with the coolest boy in school, but it turns out that she has been talking to someone completely different. Pause the action throughout the performance and encourage your pupils to share their feelings through discussion and the sharing of best practice.
We get that it's difficult to book face-to-face at the moment. This video is ideal for primary school PSHE lessons or events and it can be run in classes or even at home. The content discussed is relevant to pupils’ lives, teaching how to recognise risk and report abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) in an accessible and entertaining way. It is essential that young people know their rights over their own bodies, understand appropriate behaviour online, critically consider online sources and friendships, and make sensible decisions when using smart technology
• Social Media Usage
• Sending and receiving images/files (although we discuss the idea, the word sexting is never mentioned)
• Talking to strangers online and cyberstalking
• Online gaming
• Cyber-bullying and bullying
• Healthy/unhealthy relationships
• Boundaries and privacy

Booking is simple - Booking the Snap Trap is easy, you simply need to drop us an email here or arrange a time that suits you for a chat via teams, zoom or telephone here.

Teaching your way - The film runs seamlessly in high definition, even when using multiple logins simultaneously. This enables you to lead learners through the interactive experience without worrying about the quality of the presentation being affected. The session is simple enough to pause and run at a pace that suits your learner's needs. 

Curriculum linked - The Snaptrap links to the key stage 2 national curriculum, helping pupils use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognising acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identifying a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.

Proven to be effective - At the beginning of 2021, the teacher-led session was piloted with several primary schools and a handful of SEN schools. Despite its success, it's been fine-tuned and tweaked to be as helpful and as effective as possible. 

Flexibility - Run sessions when you like. Your link will be active for 2 weeks, allowing you to make the most of the opportunity to use it multiple times on different days with other classes

Cost - The total cost for the film and lesson plan is £275. 

The Snap Trap film was a fantastic way to expose children to the dangers of being online. It reiterated the SMART rules and portrayed information in a clear and attention-grabbing way. I would recommend this to other teachers
Lauren Doyle - GH Godwin Primary

The Snap Trap digital session is a fantastic filmed performance that supported our teaching of e-safety. Our SEND pupils responded to it well and enjoyed discussing the different characters situations. The performance was appropriate and clear in its intended message. Would absolutely recommend.
Rebekah Histon - Oaklands School

‘The Snap Trap’ was an engaging presentation that made the children in our school think about their use of the internet and social media. Following the session they were more confident in their use of the internet and how to keep themselves safe.
Andy Parton - Old Park Primary

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