Age Group

14 - 18 year olds

Year Group

Key Stage 4 +


50 - 90 minutes

Group Size

1 - 300

Resource Pack?


Follow Up Workshop

Included within the session

Digital Version?

Online and face-to-face available

Overview of the Resilience Session

In the past two years, we have realised how vital it is that we help our young people to become more resilient and capable of dealing with setbacks in a positive way. After years of delivering outreach and wellbeing workshops and theatre, we have honed our skills, researched and developed content that works. This video is ideal for outreach events (digital and face-to-face) and PSHE lessons in schools, colleges and universities. The video demonstrates how real people have succeeded in overcoming difficulties, it seeks to inspire and inform other young people on how to keep going and build upon their negative experiences.  
Building happier, more resilient individuals

We asked a group of real people who have had to deal with adversity in their lifes and education to tell their stories. Like all of us, our educational journeys have been full of ups and downs. It sounds simple but this short film tells the stories of people who have had to overcome barriers on their journey’s. From mental health to physical health, learning needs, life events and how people overcame adversity with pride.  
Resilience – unsurprisingly, has been chosen by the Collins dictionary (among many others) as the word of 2021. Every human being on the planet has had to show resilience to tackle the challenges of a pandemic. The stories told will highlight how normal everyday people fight through adversity and overcome obstacles to achieve their aspirations through education. An inspirational and informative film for young people. Honest, hopeful, and made for online events. View the trailer on our website or contact us for a link. Runtime: 23 minutes without the accompanying workshop.
- Accessible and relatable information from real young people
- A more interesting alternative to a PowerPoint presentation 
- Perfect for PSHE Lessons about resilience and wellbeing 
- Starts conversations about mental health, disability and decision-making

Key Themes