Team Building and Icebreaker Workshops 1

Icebreakers and Team Building Workshops

Our teambuilding and Icebreaking workshops are fun, highly participative and memorable. It’s not secret that personal interaction and communication forms the basis of any successful team or group. Participants seamlessly get to know each other as we break down barriers and build confidence and rapport. Once in teams, we challenge participants with a range of exercises that will need them to work together. We get a buzz from seeing friendships form, groups of people feel a sense of belonging and achievement when they completed the session.

For 18 years, 2engage have delivered team building workshops to a range of audiences, from year 7s just starting high school, university ‘freshers’ and teams of staff who might have worked together for days Our team building workshops are entertaining, challenging and delivered with the energy that 2engage are known for. We ensure that every team-based session is highly competitive and carefully planned, testing teams both physically and mentally.

Our team building sessions will improve:

  • Self-development, confidence and esteem.
  • Communication and teamwork ability
  • Leadership skills
  • Understanding and abilty to work with others.
  • Problem-solving and creative abilities.