Transition to Secondary School

Moving Up - Primary Transition 1

Positive transition can improve the lives of young people. The Department for Children, Schools and Families state that “induction, taster days and visits appear to improve the transition experience for children” (DCSF- RR019, 2008). 2engage want to connect with likeminded, forward-thinking organisations looking for practical ways to ease the transition between schools for young people. Outreach and Widening Participation programmes across the country provide young people with a range of interactive, fun and engaging activities. ‘Moving Up’ seeks to support this and ease the transition using the power of theatre and storytelling.


Chris and Sophie are in year 6 and are about to make the transition to high school. They’ve outgrown primary and before they know it, they’re waiting for the bus on their first day of being a year 7. Using an engaging mix of comical characters and a number of typical transition scenarios, audiences come face-to-face with the truth about going to secondary school. We touch on subjects such as making friends, first impressions, bullying, scary teachers and getting lost. Using fun and interactive scenes, this presentation settles those anxious feelings we all had when starting high school and provokes a more positive attitude towards transition.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Give up-to-date and relevant advice and guidance about starting high school.
  2. Highlight the positive aspects of transition.
  3. Dispel myths on bullying, scary teachers, homework, getting lost and other common fears.
  4. Exemplify how to make a good first impression, make new friends and develop coping strategies.
  5. Explore the emotions and situations a year 7 pupil may experience.
  6. Improve pupils’ motivation to learn and their attitude towards education.

PSCHE Core themes that this programme covers:

Health and Well-being

  • How to make informed choices
  • Celebrating achievements and setting high aspirations and goals
  • Change and transitions
  • Understanding increased independence and responsibility
  • Asking for help


  • How actions affect themselves and others
  • Listening and responding to a wide range of people

Living in the Wider World

  • Different kinds of responsibilities, rights, duties at home, at school and in community

”Seeing 2engage perform and interact with the young audience was a pleasure. The subject matter was very apt, entertaining and reassuring to any primary school leavers, as they addressed many of the key issues, and angst surrounding this change of environment. The dramatic and comedic presentation of these issues informed and engaged a young crowd, whom might have been less engaged if it was any other session. It is a testament to 2engage that we find their presentation to primary school students an essential part of our Primary outreach programme.”
Matt Williams
Widening Participation Collaboration Officer

”The performance was superb! It was a huge hit with the children (and us!). On the evaluation forms many said that it was their favourite activity of the day”
Helen Beech
Outreach Assistant

”Moving up is an excellent portrayal of the worries and fears that year 6 students may feel before progressing to high school. The performance tackles these issues in a humorous and entertaining way, thoroughly engaging students throughout the show. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this show!”
Laura Barclay
Widening Participation Officer

“I enjoyed the play because it was so so so fun!”
“I enjoyed the show at the end because I worry about high school now I am not so worried.”
“I enjoyed the play because it was hilarious.”
“I enjoyed the play about the school, I really enjoyed it.

Pupil feedback – from evaluation forms on transition days.

At A Glance

Age Group: Years 5 -6
Key Stage: Key Stage 2
Duration: 45  mins
Group Size: 5-250
Resource Pack: No
Follow Up Workshop: Q&A follow up is optional.