Age Group

13 - 15 Year olds

Year Group

Key Stage 3 / 4


60 minutes

Group Size

Upto 250

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RHSE Session

Overview of Expecting More (RSHE Session)

It is now compulsory to educate about Relationship Sex and Health Education so that they can make positive informed decisions about their well-being, and become more self-aware, confident and independent. Young people must understand consent, online relationships, intimate relationships and sexual health; and the risks and complex contexts that go with these issues. Although teenage pregnancy has significantly decreased in the last decade, it is still a prevalent issue which needs to be addressed. Through a series of workshops and interviews with teenage parents from across Cheshire West and Chester, 2engage went on to create a piece of theatre which uses real stories to highlight the different options, paths and issues that surround teenage pregnancy.

The show follows the plight of two young mums as they come to terms with their pregnancy and break the news to those closest to them. Audiences witness the impact the situation has on their lives. From finance to family, and housing to haters, these two girls face the harsh reality of being a young parent.
- Promote safety.
- Encourage respectful relationships and friendships.
- Inform about intimate and sexual relationships, including sexual health.
- Capture the reaction of parents, grandparents, friends and fathers of the children to give a rounded perspective.
- Give an insight into the barriers young mums face.
- Show the impact on parents’ hopes and aspirations.
- Recognising personal qualities, attitudes, skills and achievements are evaluated by others, how affects self-confidence and self-esteem
- Accepting and rejecting feedback
- Understanding self-esteem can change due to circumstance
- Managing growth and change as growing up
- Contraception
- STIs, including HIV/AIDS
- Alcohol misuse
- Advice and support services (including sexual health)
- Qualities and behaviours of positive and negative relationships
- Strong feelings and emotions (sexual attraction)
- Different types of relationships
- Nature and importance of stable and long-term relationships for bringing up children
- Roles and responsibilities of parents and children
- Dealing with the breakdown of relationships
- Considering levels of intimacy and consequences
- Contraception
- Unprotected sex, unintended pregnancy and teenage parenthood
- Support services available
- Effect of alcohol on choices and sexual behaviour
- Assessing readiness for sex
- Abortion
- Peers supporting one another
- Recognising core values and how they influence choices
- Different types of work and education- opportunities available

Key Themes